Baits and pasture for game fishing
Esche e pasture per la pesca sportiva
Bloodworm or Canadian worm (Glicera Dribanchiata), is a worm empty of blood, its color is bright pink and it has a cylindrical form.
It measures about 6-10 cm but it can grow more than one meter!! It's a very strong worm, it can tolerate many castings. It is considered an unspecific bait because it's very palatable to the most part of sea fish.
It has a mouth system equipped with 4 hooks and its bite is very painful.
This worm is very easy to find in fishing shops during all over the year and it is very simple to preserve. It lives some weeks but it has to be kept at almost 0C.
It's important to maintain these kind of worms to a low temperature to avoid they bite each other and died. The polystyrene box contains 4/5 worms in the sand.
In surfcasting or bottom fishing is better use small worms because they resist to long castings and the prey can see a whole worm.
In bolentino fishing is better to use bigger worms to economize because they can be break in some pieces.
It's often used to fish Bass near the shore with rough sea. In this case is better to use bigger worms.
Striped sea bream, Gilthead bream, Shi drum, Bass, Sea bream couldn't resist, if you use this worm in a good way!!
A trigger needle is often used, it enters from the mouth of the worm (to open the mouth you can use some salt). It's important to avoid the loss of blood from the bait because it could compromise its functionality.
Bigger worms can be break in pieces with fingers pressure (press the worm with a wire where you want and cut above the binding) in this way there isn't loss of blood.