Baits and pasture for game fishing
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The Sipunculus Nudus is not an annelid but an oloturioide with a stumpy and elastic body, pink color with iridescent reflex. It’s a very selective bait used for Gilthead bream and Sheepshead bream, usually this kind of worms is ignored from little fish. The main feature is a strong capturing power from the “liquid” inside its body. It’s important that when you put the worm on the hook don’t lose this liquid.


This worm is easy to preserve for about a week if the temperature is from 14° to 18° C. It is sold in boxes from 5 to 15 pieces (it depends on the size), inside the box there is an absorbent sponge. This bait is available all over the year in fishing shops.


This bait is used above all in “not competitive” surfcasting, used for big Gilthead bream and Sheepshead bream and particularly appreciated by Shi drum.
It’s the bait more used for fishing on isles and on Croazia seaside.
It is also used to trigger crow’s nests, boulters and “boas”.


You have to pay attention when you put it on the hook to avoid that the precious liquid comes out. It is used a needle with a little eye. Bibi is inserted on the needle from the “nose”, you have to pass the nylon in the little eye and then inside the worm so the hook slides inside the bibi.
You can also put this worm on the hook like the American worm, in this case it’s better use a “beak” with a large curve.