Baits and pasture for game fishing
Its scientific name is Ensis Siliqua Minor. It’s a mollusk with a very elongated shell. It has a yellowish color with purple hues on the outside, whitish inside. The average length is about 10-12 cm. The razor clam is good for bottom fishing from the shore and from the cliffs to undermine Bass, Gilthead bream, White bream, Shi drum and Striped seabream

+8/+12 It lasts about 4/6 days if well preserved.   Available throughout the year.


The razor clam is a good bait for Surfcasting, bolentino and bottom fishing. Sea bass, Gilthead bream and White bream are very attracted to this bait. The razor clam can also be triggered either with the shell, without shell or in pieces.


Trigger with shell: it has to be triggered on a three hooks frames, tied in sequence. The hooks are fixed in the shellfish flesh, having outdistanced the valve. The first hook, the one closest to the lead, drills a valve of the shellfish, so as to considerably increase the resistance to casting. Hooks, properly fitted, looks like a claw, burnished, with small barbs on the stem who hold more than normal. Trigger without shell: once spilled gently, our mollusk can be triggered with one or two hooks, inserting at best to increase the capacity of the casting. The best way is still to make a binding with a thin wire, once you have outstretched the mollusk on the armrest.