Baits and pasture for game fishing
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Perinereis aibuhitensis, commonly called Lugworm, is a semi-cylindrical annelid with ciliate edges. It has a length of about 5/15 cm., a color ranging from red-brown to green, and its main characteristic is the great liveliness that keeps even after its trigger on the hook. This characteristic makes it very attractive for all kinds of fish but especially by those who love stayed in half water.


The Lugworm is very easy to maintain, just put it in a common refrigerator at home. By doing so you can keep it alive for more than two weeks. It is sold in boxes containing about 10/20 pcs. and it's easy to find in fishing shops at any time of year.


Given the connection price/quantity it’s certainly the most used bait in all types of fishing, from Surfcasting to bolentino, from bottom fishing to float fishing. Excellent for Bass fishing in ports and in the outfall of the rivers and for Gilthead breams from the rocks.


It’s very easy to trigger, you can use it either entire or in pieces. No need to use a needle trigger. Used in the outfall for Sea bass fishing, it’s often use to pin it up to simulate the trigger of a eel.