Vendita di esche vive per la pesca sportiva
Esche e pasture per la pesca sportiva
Baits and pasture for game fishing
Esche e pasture per la pesca sportiva


Our Company works in the sector of manufacture and distribution of national and foreign live baits both retail sale than wholesale, first of all sea baits, both on national than international level. This kind of work is growing and becoming bigger with a capillary presence on the Italian level and itís looking for an expansion on the European market.
This was been possible thanks to a continuous work of research with the purpose to guarantee the expectations of our Customers and to the constant development of new solutions able to create real competitive benefits for our Buyers.
The seriousness and working method of Fagotto Edoardo and Volpato Matteo, owners of the World Trading, have taken as consequence the achievement of ambitious aims that today become a divingboard to acquire a remarkable place on European level.
Working hard, working efficiently without forget that the principal point is to assure the quality of the goods and not only, to satisfy always the Customer. This is maybe the formula of success that World Trading gets on national and international markets.
We believe that our Company is a winner and our trademark is well-known thanks to a serious organization that leads to increasing results.